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herdofcats's Journal

journaling out of it, one observation at a time

Cognitive Behavioral Posting Board
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a place to post CBT thoughts/observations/attempts/experiences
Community name: because sometimes one's mind is like a herd of cats.

On the theory that it'll be easier to observe thought-emotion-experience bundles if there's a semi-public place to journal about them, here we are.

Non-constructive comments will be deleted.

CBT, FYI: The idea behind cognitive behavioral therapy is, so far as we understand, that by coming to conscious awareness of one's habitual thoughts, and the connection of those thoughts to behaviors, that one can gradually change behaviors, and even the severity/frequency of some emotional states, such as anxiety or depression.

Disclaimer: This is a support space, possibly even a support-group-like space, but it isn't run by or overseen by professionals, and no-one here can offer professional help. Relatedly, nothing posted here can be construed as professional help.